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egendary Performance

  • PRO-RIDE CHASSIS: The INDY 144 is built on the PRO-RIDE chassis that is 300% stiffer for precise, intuitive handling. The ideal choice for a nimble handling sled that is fun to ride.
  • COIL-OVER REAR SUSPENSION: Designed for better flotation and deep snow performance with improved on-trail ride. By eliminating the torsion springs and redesigning the torque arms, the skid weights substantially less.
  • RACE-PROVEN FRONT SUSPENSION: Lighter steering, sharper cornering. Developed with the Polaris Racing Program, the performance and durability of the INDY Adventure 144 were proven in extensive on- and off-track testing.

Proven Value

  • 550 FAN ENGINE: The proven, durable, fan-cooled 550 snowmobile engine provides reliable performance at a great value.
  • CVTECH POWERBLOC50 / INVANCE CLUTCHING: All INDY models that feature the 550 Fan Engine use the CVTech PowerBloc50 drive clutch paired with the Invance driven clutch. This clutching delivers smooth engagement, enhanced low-speed drivability, and quieter operation. These durable clutches have a maintenance-free design and are easy to tune while installing on the sled.
  • ELECTRIC START: Start your sled with the turn of a key. Nothing beats the ease and convenience of electric start.

Simply Fun

  • LOCK & RIDE CONVERTIBLE PASSENGER SEAT: The modular design seat allows 2-up passenger flexibility when combined with the Adventure rear rack system.
  • ADVENTURE CARGO SYSTEM: The Adventure Cargo System features a rear aluminum rack that can hold cargo and the innovative Lock & Ride Saddlebags. These spacious bags can be installed or removed in seconds, without tools. They lock securely onto the sides of the rack and provide convenient, protected storage that expands every rider’s travel options.
  • INDY PRO-RIDE SEAT: A wider surface right where a rider sits provides enhanced comfort during long days on the snow, and the seat design allows easy transition between seating and standing positions.
  • RYDEFX® MPV SHOCKS: RydeFX® MPV Shocks provide a great foundation for ride and handling with the PRO-RIDE chassis.
  • TALL WINDSHIELD AND WIND DEFLECTORS: Less wind means a warmer ride. Designed for excellent coverage, this tall windshield directs wind and snow up and around the rider while the side panel-mounted wind deflectors force wind and snow outward away from the rider.
  • EXTREME FRONT BUMPER: Lightweight, aluminum front bumper features protection for wherever your INDY Adventure 144 takes you.
  • ONE-PIECE HANDLEBAR: The one-piece handlebar features clean, durable construction. It enhances ergonomics with full-length grips that improve comfort and control, and the heater elements extend to the ends of the bar for greater hand comfort.
  • HANDLEBAR AND STEERING POST ANGLE: The INDY Adventure 144 design has a 15-degree flatter steering post angle developed for sit-down and standup riding comfort and flexibility.
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